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PlayStation 3 Emulator EmiX3 v.1.7.0 + PS3 Bios!

adminDiposting oleh galih dateRabu, 14 September 2011

EMIX3 is a PlayStation 3 emulator for Windows and Linux, started by the group of Russian coders which called their project Emix3 in July 2011.

The EMIX3 development team is consists of:
  • Raboza: EMIX3 founder, emulation theory/principals, recompiler design.
    iLlarion: Linux compatibility,porting and general coding.
    Xoso8: Memory management, spu2ghz, cdvdGigaherz.
    Seed Cyber: Graphic design
    Gorbachev: counters, timing/syncing, wxGUI
    Bestida404: M-nes, fixing bugs around, general coding

It is the aim of the development team to eventually make EMIX3 compatible with all PS3 games, and all PS3 features (including the backwards support for PS1 and PS2 games).

Whilst EMIX3 is capable of playing 'backups', it is not the intention of the authors to provide a means to play illegally copied games. It is however the intention of the authors to let you play (once hardware is capable) PS3 games on your PC's, with the enhancements emulation allows, such as save-states, high resolution graphics, infinite memory cards, cross-region support etc.

EMIX3 PS3 emulator is a free program, that is made simply because the developers enjoy it as a hobby, and as a technical challenge. You are extremely lucky they let you play around with the WIP releases, and whilst we love feedback, and suggestions, the team owe you nothing, so don't whine for a new release and complain if X or Y game doesn't work. This playstation 3 emulator is in the advanced stages of development, but it is far from complete.

If you use EMIX3 and have success with a game, please share screenshots, and tell us what you did on our mail. We're always pleased to see results from this emulator, and the team hope you find it fun and interesting to use.

Note : Un-Test

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